Investment Management & Pensions

We work with individuals and Trustees to provide advice on managing investments. We can help Trustees create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and help them to meet the on-going requirements of the Trustee Act 2000. Our service proposition is tailored to meet the needs of the individuals and trustees. We pride ourselves on the effort we put in to explain to our clients their situation and options at each review meeting.

The strength of our investment advice process is one of the main reasons why clients select us. We work closely with you to establish various objectives and criteria, such as your goals and attitude to risk and design a portfolio to meet these objectives. There are a number of steps we follow to create your bespoke portfolio.

  • Discussing and formalizing your financial objectives and timescales
  • Understanding your attitude towards investment risk for each particular goal
  • Agreeing an asset allocation strategy
  • Assessing the current economic environment and making tactical decisions based on your views of the outlook for various markets.
  • Analysis and selection of a suitable portfolio of funds to populate the agreed asset mix.
  • Implementing a pre-agreed review process which includes rebalancing and asset allocation decisions
  • Regular reviews help to ensure that you are aware if things are on track or not as circumstances change

Our Investment Philosophy:

  • Our goal is to increase our clients understanding of the investment process so they can make sensible investment decisions and achieve their financial goals
  • Diversification across asset classes reduces risk whilst still aiming to produce reasonable returns.
  • We believe the majority of returns will be produced by those funds that combine a good income stream with capital appreciation
  • The bulk of long-term returns are created by the use of quality funds within an agreed asset allocation strategy.
  • It is possible to add extra value through tactical asset allocation decisions and fund selection.
  • Investment decisions should relate to financial planning objectives.
  • We have a buy and hold philosophy tempered by sensible analysis and decision making
  • Avoid expensive Multi-Manager funds, the ‘best’ funds have consistent risk-adjusted returns combined with lower charges.
  • Avoid “fads” and speculation, leave them to the brave and foolhardy
  • Passive strategies can play a valuable role in diversifying away manager risk

We use FE Analytics, a market leading analysis tool to provide the data required to monitor your portfolio. Call us on 015242 41824 or complete our online enquiry form to arrange your meeting. The first meeting is at our expense and with no obligation.