Wealth Preservation & Inheritance Tax Planning

Are you aware how much Inheritance Tax your children or other beneficiaries will pay on your death?

Inheritance Tax is often described as a voluntary tax, however with careful planning, putting the right Financial Planning in place, this tax burden can be mitigated or entirely removed.

As experts in this field, more and more people are turning to us for help with Estate Planning, including Inheritance Tax Planning.

Estate Planning involves an in depth analysis of your current situation & your desired outcomes, ensuring you use a well-drafted, tax-efficient will.  Other Estate Planning solutions include using gifts, whole of life insurance policies and Trusts to protect assets to be handed on to future generations, often in a more tax-efficient way.

Whatever the size of your estate, we can advise on opportunities to help you pass on your assets more effectively.

We provide a Wealth Preservation and Inheritance Tax Planning Review which involves a discussion of your non-tax issues and accurately assesses your exposure to Inheritance Tax. We are happy to work with your existing Solicitor and Accountant or make an appropriate recommendation where required.

We can provide access to a range of investments and trust solutions specifically designed to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability. It is not necessarily the case that one needs to survive 7 years to effectively mitigate against Inheritance Tax, there are non-contentious solutions which can work in 2 years and in the right circumstances, some have immediate effect.

Inheritance Tax Planning may still be undertaken if a valid Property & Financial Affairs Lasting Power Of Attorney is in place.

Our Financial Planner is Chartered and is also making good progress towards the Society of Trust & Estate Planners (STEP) Diploma in England & Wales. This is the “benchmark” qualification for serious legal professionals in this field and shows our commitment to providing an exceptional service.


The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax or Estate Planning.