Financial Planning Services

Our financial services can be divided into three main areas…

We will meet with you to discuss and explain the various elements of your financial life in order to address any issues that might come to light. We can create a full financial plan when requested through a comprehensive evaluation of your current and future financial status by using currently known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans.

Consideration of your future life goals, future wealth transfer plans and future expense levels must be given in order to understand you and formulate a sound financial plan. We can alert you to changes that should be made to ensure a smooth transition through life’s financial phases, such as decreasing spending or changing asset allocation.

It might involve putting appropriate wills and trusts in place to protect your family, or the recommendation of various products, which are the”bricks” of your plan.

In order to create a sound financial plan you need to:

  1. Establish your needs & goals in life – short, medium and long term
  2. Assess your assets and liabilities
  3. Evaluate how close are you to achieving your goals
  4. Prioritize your goals and develop your plan
  5. Implement your plan
  6. Monitor and review your plan at least annually and make adjustments when required

Planning your finances will allow you to:

  • Have a greater confidence that you are on the right track
  • Enjoy life more and help to reduce your stress levels
  • Help you to gain control of your finances and give you peace of mind.

Products to help you achieve your goals:

There are numerous products designed to help you achieve your goals. In general they are either designed to help you mitigate unforeseen events, such as a critical illness or death and provide a buffer for you and your family. Alternatively they can be designed to take advantage of specific tax reliefs to help mitigate tax and or build up funds in a tax-efficient manner.

A brief but not exhaustive list of products we can advise on is below:

  • Life Insurance & protection policies
  • Pensions including SIPPs-Accumulation & Decumulation (Capital & income)
  • ISAs
  • Investment Funds (OEICS & Unit Trusts)
  • Investment Bonds (onshore & offshore)
  • Venture Capital trusts (VCTs)
  • Enterprise Investment Trusts (EIS) & Seed EIS (SEIS)
  • Aim portfolios & bespoke Inheritance Tax products